Semi Permanent Make Up: Brow game

Semi permanent make upI came across semi permanent make up when I moved to London 6 years ago. Now back then I was a lot younger and a lot more impulsive and so after 10 seconds of research(yip that impulsive) I thought ‘I want everything’!! I said I would start with my brows and that weekend I booked to get them done.

I didn’t look into the place I was booking at all and to be honest I booked it because it was cheap-BIG MISTAKE. During the process she shaved my brows,which i thought was normal, and afterwards I thought they looked good. She had said my brows were ‘uneven’ so she evened them out.

It wasn’t until my hair started growing back that I thought ‘what the hell!’ My hair was growing back under my brow tattoo and looked so bad as no hair was growing over my tattoo. As it started to fade it looked even worse so I had to keep plucking/waxing my hairs.

So this year I decided to get them corrected and I did my research this time round. I had a few on the list from Tracy Giles to Karen Betts but I decided to go with KerryEmmaCosmetics. Kerry’s brows she had done looked great on instagram and had been recommended  so I booked after emailing her with a few questions.

Because I had some bad work previously and it was really thick and not hair strokes Kerry had a tough job to do but they turned out better than I expected. She filled in the gaps with hair strokes and brought the strokes down nearer my natural hair growth. You can still see a little bit of the old tattoo below but eventually it will fade more and more.

Some questions I’ve been asked by people who have never had semi permanent make up and the answers are below:

Does it hurt?

It’s not painful at all-towards the end as mine kept getting another go over it started to sting but completely bearable.

Is it expensive?

Kerry is very reasonable and charges £295 which includes your top up.

Does it last?

This depends on your skin type I would say. Mine kept the colour great after my top up and the hair stroked didn’t fade much at all but others may need a further top up sonner than others.

I hope you found this helpful if you’re thinking of getting your brows done!


L x

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  1. Lillian
    8th March 2016 / 10:22 pm

    Very impressive brows look fab

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