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khaki vibes

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Khaki Vibes

I came home to Cork for the Easter weekend for a well deserved few days off. Sometimes London can just overwhelm you and everything can get on top of you and you just need to come home to your mum and breathe.

I love Ireland so much it will always always be my home. I also think living away makes you appreciate it that much more and it really is such a beautiful country.  We went down to Ardmore for a spin and then on to Dungarvan, we had a gorgeous little day. It’s worth a mention for anyone visiting Ardmore that the Cliff House Hotel is a fabulous spot-the spa looks amazing and the views over the hotel are incredible. We sat and had some tea(being good Friday) and enjoyed the scenery.

My khaki sleeveless is from a website called She inside and was only £14 / €18. I wore mine over skinny jeans but this can also be worn as a dress. They have some amazing dupes and the clothing is so reasonable. You do however have to be careful when ordering some stuff and make sure you check out the customer reviews as they show the item on(sizes can vary) I’ve bought lots of summer stuff from there though and it was all fab -I’ll put some up soon. My grey patent boots as before are from Ego and they have 15% off this week!

This week i’ve also received my Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit and the hype is true  it’s amazing! It’s the best highlight I’ve used so far and has 4 different colours in the kit. These are about £28 /€35 but with 4 different highlighters it will last ages.

Have a fabulous weekend .


L x

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