A green smoothie that tastes really good?! Yep


Green Smoothie




This green smoothie is delicious!

I’ve tried so many since I bought my Nutri Bullet but this has to be my favourite. Well my favourite that’s not just all fruit!

As we all know (i hope) smoothies full of just fruit aren’t the best for you as they contain far too much sugar so you need to mix it up with some veg too if you want it to be beneficial and healthy.

Below is a list of what I put in mine -I have this green smoothie for breakfast every morning and it fills me up until lunch. It really is tasty too- promise!


1 banana

Half an avocado

Large handful of spinach

5 slices of cucumber

1 large spoon of greek yoghurt

Little bit of orange juice(not from concentrate)

You can add some water/coconut water if you think it’s too thick but I like mine that way.

Lots of nutrients and vitamins in this one.

All fruit & veg is from Aldi and the whole shopping list cost €8 roughly including the large tub of greek yoghurt.  This makes 4 smoothies and you only need to top up certain things-avocado and banana as the orange juice, cucumber,spinach and yoghurt does last at least a week.

Try it out!

Anyone looking for a Nutri Bullet this summer there’s a great deal on one HERE.


L x

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