5 Healthy dishes for every day

Let me just start by saying I am not a nutritionist nor am I promoting any of the below as a diet. These are simply a few healthy whole food dishes/snacks made with fresh ingredients  that I myself eat every week.


I have never been on a diet and am totally against all these fad diets out there as the majority are not sustainable in your every day life. What I do believe in is EVERYTHING IN MODERATION and eating fresh whole foods  for meals and not processed crap. Now I’m not going to pretend I eat healthy constantly because at weekends I treat myself to a takeaway most weekends and will have treats but Mon-Fri I do try and eat as healthy as I can and eat home cooked,fresh dishes with healthy snacks in between like homemade protein balls or rice thins with peanut butter on if I’m craving something sweetish.

I LOVE my food and I plan what I’m eating every day and I enjoy cooking too so I thought I would share a few of my favourite healthy dishes that I eat regularly as they are simple and quick to make.Calories are calculated with my fitness pal app.


Healthy oated chicken


 1..Healthy oat covered chicken:(around 500 calories including stuffed mushrooms)This is delicious for anyone bored of plain chicken       breast. I blend a cup of organic oats(porridge oats are fine) with some pepper and flavouring -I use garlic and bell   pepper or you can add bbq seasoning or whatever you have. I dip the chicken breast in egg then the oats and fry on the pan. I had mine with stuffed portobello mushrooms and spinach-mushroom have some breadcrumbs(from soda bread) with garlic,lemon ,sage and mozzarella in. Sometimes I make some curry and do a Katsu curry with wholegrain rice.

Home made lean burgers

2.Homemade Lean Burgers:(around 480 calories with sweet potato wedges) One of my favourites that I have without fail every week-so easy to make and delicious. Give me a homemade burger over a butcher/shop bought burger any day! All you need for this is lean mince(less than 5% fat I buy) red onion,salt/pepper and a bit of whatever spice is in the cupboard.  A packet of mince usually makes 4 large burgers. I put the mine in a bowl,add in some red onion chopped up ,a little bit of salt and pepper or sometimes I add in bbq flavouring and then give it a mix ,tear some off and make a patty out of it ,dust in a little bit of flower and fry on the pan 10 mins each side. I add on fresh mozzarella and tomato and for buns I usually use half a pitta and make a pocket or the warbutton thins are handy as buns also.

Mozzarella salad

3.Mozzarella salad(around 250/300 calories) So so easy and simple to make for  a snack. Fresh mozzarella is delicious and so cheap-Lidl do a a ball of it for 70p! Slice mozzarella(3/4 slices), slice tomato ,add some spinach and drizzle some pesto over. One of my fave snacks-you can add chicken for some extra protein and to make it more of  meal.

Green Smoothie

4.Green Smoothie(around 400 calories) This is full of nutrients and keeps me so full all morning. I put 1 x banana, 2 cups of spinach,half a cup of blueberries,large spoon of greek yoghurt, half an avocado and  little bit of orange juice to taste. Unlike some smoothies this isn’t packed with sweet fruit. I’ll have this for breakfast most mornings or I have it for lunch if I’ve had something else for breakfast-it’s delicious I promise ..really ..try it!!


Nutribuddy Pancakes

5.Protein oat Pancakes:(around 300 calories for 2 pancakes with blueberries/strawberries)  Perfect for a mid day snack or a Sunday breakfast treat with berries and greek yoghurt or peanut butter. I use 1 cup organic rolled oats blended in my nutribullet as flour,2 x eggs,cup of semi skimmed milk and 2 small scoops of Nutribuddy sculpted vanilla whey. Put all this in the nutri bullet and blend. Usually makes about 6 pancakes depending on how big or small you make them. Add your berries or peanut butter and voila!


Nutribuddy are a new Uk company and their protein is 100% natural with no bulking agents and are also low in fat and calories. You can gran a weight loss kit from £24.99 and they do smaller packaging sizes so you can test it out first.

Check their products out-Nutri Buddy website

I also find My fitness pal app so handy for checking how much your consuming day to day and what the food you’re eating is made up of-what vitamins it includes ,how much sugar/salt etc. This opened my eyes a while back to how i can actually have bigger better healthier meals instead of small amounts of crap-you’d be surprised what calories and crap some things contain compared to others!


Have a lovely week you lovely bunch!


L x


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