Review: Nutribuddy Protein and protein recipes

I’m new to this protein hype and have really only started trying different brands and types in the last year and  a half.I thought all the usual ‘that will taste awful’ ‘that’s only for bodybuilders’ etc BUT thats not true at all. I make protein shakes with strawberries/raspberries  and  little almond milk that taste delicious and that I’ll have when I feel a bit peckish before dinner or at night.

Nutribuddy is a new company and have a ‘safety first’ ethos and all their ingredients are healthy and natural and NON GMO.


I got the sculpting whey in vanilla(only because I use it for cooking and add fruit to my shakes) which is low in fat and calories and contains metabolism boosting ingredients such as green tea and guarana. It does taste really good and I love adding the almond milk and berries to make it more milkshakey but if you’re on a diet then it tastes just a nice on it’s own with water.

I also got the multivitamins which have numerous health benefits and natural fat burners in also. You take 1 a day before food with water -easy peasy! I’ve seen the benefits in my skin and energy definitely,I think multivitamins are always a good add to your daily routine.


Overall its a low fat tasty natural brand that I would recommend and the packaging and shaker look great which always helps!

I love using  protein in cooking as an extra to get some more into you. I regularly add some to brownies but mostly pancakes and protein balls are what I make.

Nutribuddy Pancakes

The protein pancakes are simple and delicious- I use:

1 x cup of oats

1 x scoop of  nutri buddy vanilla whey sculpting protein

2 eggs

Teaspoon of cinnamon(optional)

1 cup of almond milk.

I blend all these ingredients together in my nutri bullet and pour onto the pan.

Additional toppings-greek yoghurt and berries/honey and nuts/eggs and maple syrup.





protein balls

Protein balls:

10 medjool pitted dates

1 x cup of oats

1 x scoop of nutribuddy vanilla whey

2 large tablespoons of chai seeds

2 large tablespoons of coconut oil(melted)

1 cup  of peanut butter

desiccated coconut

  1. I mix the coconut oil,protein,peanut butter and dates in my nutri bullet for a few seconds(include any nuts you want to add)
  2. Mix the above in a bowl  with your oats and chai seeds
  3. Roll into balls
  4. Roll in the dessicated coconut.


With these you really can just make them up as you go adding in nuts or goji berries or cacoa(not cocoa) .Love these with a cuppa tea instead of a chocolate bar.


Happy shopping/cooking!


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