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Body Confidence .. if only you could buy it.



It’s sad how we all want the bodies we had when we were 18 but at that age we were probably less confident than we are now. I know myself  at that age I was extremely self conscious and one comment had me paranoid for months.

I look back at how I felt and dealt with comments and how low in self esteem I was and I  want to go back and grab my younger self and slap her across the face and say ‘These are your best years ,you’re young, smart and beautiful so act like it!!!!’   It saddens me so much how I acted and how upset I let myself get by bullies and boys comments on how I looked.


I’m almost 29 now and I feel the healthiest I ever have and I look the healthiest too in my opinion. I eat healthier , I drink way more water,I have a better skin care regime and I have way more confidence and it all comes down to simply  not giving a shit what other people think.

Unfortunately this only came with age and it started with meeting a guy who made me feel extremely confident and then took that away and building it back up myself.



I still get asked stupid questions like ‘do you eat’… and a few ‘but you’re tiny’ like I’m not allowed have a down day because I’m a certain clothes size… OF COURSE I BLOODY EAT I wouldn’t be able to function if I didn’t. I eat fresh healthy ingredients Mon-Fri and I eat whatever I fancy on the weekends and now that I’m back in London that consists of burgers and donuts!

When it comes to body confidence and being confident in general it all comes down to not caring what others think and being comfortable in your own skin and accepting  who you are. Only you can give yourself that…no matter how many times your mum tells you you’re beautiful(or a man for that matter) it won’t help unless you feel it yourself and to feel it yourself you have to accept and embrace yourself flaws and all -and WE ALL have flaws ,trust me ,but thats what makes us US.

primark lingerie

We put our bodies through an awful lot and we deserve to feel good about them!

So ladies(and men if you want to) put on your favourite lingerie or buy some new lingerie ,stand in the mirror ,take a good long look and call out all the things you like about yourself -if it’s just one or two things now then start there! Whether it’s your muscles in your thighs,your big lovely bum ,your small boobs -compliment yourself!

primark underwear

I find lingerie always makes me feel good but never wanted to show people myself in mine so didn’t find posting these the easiest but hey -when I’m old and wrinkly and have kids I can look back at these with a big smile and say damn girl.img_8932


I got approached by The Lingerie Stop who kindly sent me the beautiful pink and nude lingerie I have on in my first few pics and then asked would I be interested in posting etc I clammed up and thought I couldn’t possibly and then thought f**k it if I can’t do it now I’ll never be able to and I also want to be able to confidently collaborate with brands and so here I am …in my undies!

Check out their gorgeous range of lingerie on their website HERE-the prices are also not going to break the bank like other luxury lingerie stores.

Pink and nude set are from a brand called Mimi Holliday.

The black and grey sets I have on are from primark! Perfect for inside sheer tops and loose shirts also.

Confidence will make you happier than any diet will’

Fall in love with yourselves ladies -it’s never too late to start.


L x

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  1. margaret heslin
    18th October 2016 / 11:25 am

    ur on fire laura and dare i say ur one of the most beautiful women iv ever seen and dare dare dare i say but as a kid u wer magnificent so chin up girlie and love ur life xx

  2. thelwordbylaura
    7th November 2016 / 4:51 pm

    Aw thanks so much Margaret! Thanks for reading too appreciate it xx

  3. Matt
    21st December 2016 / 10:14 pm

    Ah its good to see everyone suffers from body confidence issues. You look fab in the pics ?

    I dont think the lingerie will suit me but ill try it in my pants haha

    Love the Xmas gifts for men too – helps even when struggling to buy for male friends

    • thelwordbylaura
      16th February 2017 / 2:48 pm

      Thanks Matt!

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