The Jumpsuit Edit: My top picks


khaki oh my love London jumpsuit

The  jumpsuit is under rated if you ask me.


  1. Can make us look taller.
  2. They are warm in the winter.
  3. They are comfy.
  4. Once bought that’s it , it’s your whole outfit.
  5. Can’t think of anymore but I bet once this is posted I will.

I’ve always been a jumpsuit fan ever since I rocked my denim catsuit back in the day(oh yeah and it zipped down all the way and had long sleeves). I thought I was J.Lo in that but I loved it so much because it made me look tall.

The jumpsuit is a winter staple and perfect for those cold nights where you don’t want to wear a skirt or little dress and freeze your pins off.

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends the last few weeks and not turning down many invites ,going for drinks after work ,going to events ,running events and having a big night at the weekends. Last weekend I was not in the mood at all to don my glad rags and head out.  After sifting through my clothes I found this jumpsuit from Oh my love London that I had purchased a few weeks back and hadn’t worn . I just though feck it I’ll throw that on it will do as it was freezing but it turned out looking so nice on and was very flattering and comfy .


It’s reduced now too by 50% so is a bargain at £21! You can purchase HERE .

Apologies about the quality of the image but I had to share!

I had a few jumpsuits on my wish lists online so thought I’d share them with you. If you see me out and we have the same one on bagsie you’ll have to go home to change!

As always click on the images to be taken to the website that sells the item.


asos-satin-jumpsuitaqaq-bandeau-waterfall-jumpsuitasos-plunge-neck-black-jumpsuitaqaq-cold-shoulder-black-jumpsuitasos-cami-burgandy-jumpsuitasos-dusty-pink-jumpsuitsilver-missguided-jumpsuitThose pretty flowers are from Prestige flowers FYI and lasted beautifully!
Happy Shopping!


L x

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