Christmas Gifts For Him: Tips and ideas

Struggling to think of Christmas gifts for your other half? I’ve got you girl!

It’s difficult to beat the year before and try to think of new Christmas  gifts  to make your man smile but I’ve put together a few suggestions and tips below that I’m sure will help some of you out!

A few tips:

Know what he’s into and go from there: This shouldn’t be too hard if you live together or have been dating for a while. We are women, we can find out anything!

Inside man: If you’re not sure then ask a friend of his. There are lots of things they know we have no interest in so don’t talk to us about –football being one or in previous experience xbox/playstation games. So message his friend and ask what the latest wanted game is or when the next football match he wants to see is on etc.

Gift Ideas:

A leather jacket –A good leather jacket lasts a long time and the below are some of the best looking leathers I’ve seen on men and a great fit as well as some of them coming in different colours which is good if he already has the classic black. The oxblood all saints is my fave! Do not get the style wrong though ladies –we’re going for rugged biker style here and not Mark Fowler style…





A nice watch-Men love watches and there’s always so many options and varieties to choose from. You can always add a bit of sentimentality to it also by getting it engraved. I love the blue/silver Armani.






A personalized wallet –Louis Vuitton hot stamp their leather goods in store so you can get his initials on the wallet,which is always a nice touch. Also if you do ever break up he will think of you every time he opens his wallet to buy something for his new gf. That was a joke guys I’m not crazy, Ok I’m being serious I meant that 🙂 . If the wallets are over your budget then you can always get a card holder as both are equally as handy!




A signature scent-A certain smell will always remind you of a certain someone or a certain time and men will never not get use out of cologne. Don’t like his current one or maybe he wants to try a new one? I love the below and have sniffed these out on a few friends and they smell incredible whilst still strong and manly:

Tom ford black orchid-



Acqua Di Parma-



Tom Ford Noir Extreme-


Victor&Rolf Spicebomb-


A mini break – Another thoughtful gift that both of you can benefit from and experience is a trip away. A little weekend somewhere you’ve both not been to make some new memories. I’ve listed a few weekend getaway suggestions below:

Budapest -Lovely in the winter and flights are quite reasonable. There’s lots of culture there and so many things to see and do –visit the local baths ,the markets,castles,parliament ,spas, river cruise and lots of delicious cuisine and wine to try in local eateries-ghoulash being my fave!

Milan –Fab shopping and again so much history and culture there. One for the warmer months I would say although I went in July and it was far too hot so maybe March/April time would be ideal. I don’t even need to explain how good the food and wine is here. You can also get to Lake Como so easily from Milan and do a day trip there ,rent a boat and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Again flights to Milan are always reasonable when booked in advance.

Barcelona-Great spot for a weekend away and also if your man is a footy lover then a pre booked trip to Nou Camp will make him very happy. Barceloneta has some gorgeous little spots for food and cocktails and a trip to La Sagrada is a must –get in and light some candles and say a little prayer!

Iceland – A gorgeous spot and is amazing to see the northern lights and take a dip in the natural spa. Again you can get cheap flights to here.I’ve not been to this one but it’s on my long list.


If all else fails and you’re too broke to do presents then wrap yourself up in some nice undies ,cook a nice dinner and say Happy Bloody Christmas!

Hope this helps!

Happy Christmas Shopping,


L x

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  1. 16th July 2018 / 12:59 pm

    wallet, perfume is the best and so easy common smart gift for man and watch too, thanks for the idea

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