Save money this year with Depop:

Depop is such a handy little app.

When us addicts buy items on Asos or Missguided etc we wear them,pop our pics on social media for all to see and then we get the fear. The fear of ‘Can I wear this out again now everyone has seen it on Facebook?!’ We’ve all  thought it now.. don’t judge me!

Now don’t get me wrong Key pieces don’t count -I’m talking about the more reasonable items we buy , especially dresses. Tops,ends etc we can mix and match  where as dresses and jumpsuits you can’t really style much different. Being a blogger especially you want to upload pics with new items that are in stock so you’re not constantly tagging the same outfit.

I came across depop maybe 2/3  years ago and find it great to sell on items I’ve worn once or bought and haven’t worn. I then put the money towards a new item. It’s a win win situation you get to sell on a dress you probably won’t wear again and whoever buys it from you gets an item they may have had their eye on but  for much cheaper that’s still in perfect condition!

People also take offers so if you don’t think something is worth 20 but you’d pay 15 then just send them a mass with your offer.

If you’re not on depop it’s so easy to set up and easy to use also:

  1. Download the app(it’s free)
  2. Add in your paypal details so when ppl pay you it goes straight in to your account.
  3. Upload your items(ideally you in them) done from your phone in seconds.
  4. You can edit your item as much as you want for it t re appear on your followers home page.

My name on depop is @miss_laurod if any of you guys are on it and want to check what I’m selling.

Below are some items I still have available to sell -If any of you have any questions on how to set it up or how it works just send me a mail or a message I’d be happy to help 🙂


Happy Shopping!


L x

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