Dermalogica Face Mapping: My skincare

Face Mapping. It sounds so serious doesn’t it. Well it kinda is.

Your skin is your biggest organ and some of us do not look after it well at all! I only started looking after my skin properly when I was 26. I wish someone had instilled how important it is to look after your skin from an early age.

Face wipes , no spf ,tanning,not enough water etc were my big downfalls.

I really do try and look after it now-I drink at least 2 litres of water a day,most days,I do not ever use wipes,I wear spf 50 and I’ve been to get my face mapped.

I booked an appointment with a dermalogica specialist who took a thorough look at my skin and once it was analysed she prescribed the products I should be using at home.

Dermalogica facemapping

My skin was dehydrated and I do have pigment around both eyes and a bit on my forehead so she recommended the below  4 products for me :

c-12 Pure bright serum

Purelight spf50

Pure night

Skin hydrating booster

I’ve been using them for 2 weeks now and have already noticed a difference in texture and tone. The best thing about dermalogica products is they are free of irritants and artificial fragrances and colours and include high performance formulas.

If you suffer from the same issues then you can get the products in mini HERE to test out first also-I bought the minis myself for travelling.

The face mapping takes minutes and you can find your local authorized dermalogica skin treatment centre HERE.

dermalogica face mapping

I would highly recommend getting a professional to look at your skin in detail so you’re not wasting your money  on skincare products that aren’t right for your skin. I was a huge culprit of this-I would see someone with good skin and buy whatever they were using however I have dry skin. So spending a tad extra on skincare that is made for your skin type and skin issues will never bother me-I will however drive an extra mile to get cheaper avocados ha.


Like I already said above I purchased the mini pack of products myself for traveling but Dermalogica kindly gifted me some full size products as part of the VIP my face my story program with preendotme .

As always any questions you have regarding the face mapping process or products I got then please do ask.

Happy Reading!


L x

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