Healthy Treats : cookies and protein balls

Treats are my downfall for sure so I need healthy treats that taste good in my life.

I can eat healthy all day and not crave anything sweet at all.. then BAM 9pm hits and I want all of the chocolate all of the time!

Now I won’t lie and say you’ll never want to touch chocolate again after trying these recipes HOWEVER they are tasty and a perfect alternative for with your cuppa.


So easy and quick to make and my fave:

The Protein Ball:


Table spoon of Chai seeds

Scoop of Protein-vanilla or choc would be best for this

11 medjool dates

2 tablespoons of Nut butter-peanut or almond

1 cup of oats-organic porridge oats

Desiccated coconut -to roll them in

nuts/dried fruit can be added if you wish.


Cut dates in half  and soak in hot water for a few mins to get them nice and soft.

mix dates,oats,protein and almond butter(or peanut butter) in a blender for a few seconds.

Add chai seeds and roll them in a ball using your palms. If you find they are too wet add some protein powder or if you find they are too dry add some juice from the water you used to soak the dates in.

When they are rolled into balls roll them again some desiccated coconut and you are good to go.

The 2 ingredient cookie:

I made these a few weeks ago and they were surprisingly delicious! They do however need to be eaten on the day while warm I would say.

So so easy to make  with just 2 ingredients.


2 x very ripe bananas

1 cup of oats.

Thats it. I do add in some broken up 85% dark choc for choc chips.


Mash bananas until smooth

Add oats.

Spoon out on to grease proof paper ,flatten(add in choc chips) and cook in the oven for 15 mins until golden brown.

Lovely with a cup of tea when fresh out of the oven.

Ingredients for these healthy treats were all bought in Aldi. Protein is from Nutribuddy

Happy Cooking!


L x


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