Educogym: Can you get fit in 12 days? Yes

The Gym ..exercise ..anything that involves sweating or being uncomfortable I opt out of , usually. Until I started at Educogym.

I’ve tried to get into the whole gym thing for so long. I’m just lazy basically . I lived with someone who went 2/3 times a day and still I’d have an excuse as to why I wouldn’t go .
My energy levels have never been very high and I get very tired easily for some reason so it was always such an effort for me. Healthy eating is not a problem at all luckily, I’m so into what I’m putting into my body these days (boring I know) and always try to eat healthy whole foods that will benefit me, I just couldn’t get the fitness side down.

Anyway I was talking to Irene Twohig who owns Educogym Cork and she was saying I should do it so I thought I’ve a bit of time on my hands and I’d been eating badly for weeks after coming back from LA so I signed up to their 12 day programme .

Honestly I wanted to cancel the minute I had booked in but I am so so glad I didn’t . The first day was so tough on my body, it started off with legs and they were killing me for about 3 days! But after that it all got a bit easier, although I did whine the whole way through.
You start off with a consultation with one of their nutritionists who will take all your measurements, weight and body fat % etc. They go through your diet plan and any foods you can’t eat and your current diet and then give you a tailored plan to suit what you want to achieve from the 12 days.

I’m aware I’m slim so obviously I wasn’t there to lose weight, I wanted to tone up and build some muscle (not wwf style though!!).

You do 20 mins personal training each day on their ‘time machine’ working on a different area of your body and after 6 days you do another consult to check on your progress. This in my opinion keeps you going and stopped me from cheating with the food too! I felt like if I stepped on the machine a red light would flash saying this lying little hussy had 2 toffee crisps last night!!

At the end of the 12 days I had abs..actual abs. I lost 8.5 inches in total and I lost 3% body fat.


educogym cork

Their diet plans will be different for each person but here’s a little insight as to what I ate mostly is below :
Breakfast :
2 boiled egg whites with a slice of brown bread (you’re allowed a yolk but I just don’t like that part yuk) and a pear or I would add some avocado with a bit of chilli and sea salt.
Porridge with blueberries

Lunch :
Salad- Chicken with cucumber ,spinach and a little bit of hummus, the dressing I used was balsamic vinegar .

I’d have a protein shake with soya milk if I was just back from the gym and just a little green salad with it .

Homemade turkey/beef burgers made with turkey mince/lean beef mince(less than 5% fat), chilli powder ,garlic and chopped red onion and fried with a little coconut oil. I’d have these with sweet potato cubes (half a large one) and on a wholemeal slimbo or in a brown pitta pocket with spinach and a teaspoon of relish
Chicken with green veg and sweet potato
Prawn/chicken/beef stir fry with green veg, brown rice and light soy sauce
Chicken curry breast -mix a table spoon of curry powder with natural yoghurt and marinate chicken with it, cook in oven and serve with brown rice and green veg (this was one of the educo recipes and delish!)

lean burger

Snacks -2 corn cakes with hummus ,sliced green apple with peanut butter(great for killing the sweet tooth I found)

Herbal teas are allowed throughout and I often had a regular tea some nights too. I’ve booked the 3 months there now with a pt session 3 days a week 🙂

It was tough not having anything sweet for 12 days as usually the weekends are my time to indulge but now that it’s  fin I’ll be sticking to my usual healthy eating Mon-Fri and taking the weekend off.

Everything in moderation as they say.

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