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 Shein / Sheinside

Shein stripe bardot pencil dress

We all love a bargain now don’t we ? Well I do anyway , I get that from my Mum for sure! She always finds the best bargains be it clothing or holidays and I’m so glad it rubbed off on me as I’m a good old saver and bargain hunter.   

I’ve been shopping on shein about 3 years I’d say maybe and while at the start it was touch and go with sizing I haven’t had a bad item since.

With any trend they tend to go out of fashion quickly especially certain prints so if I know in advance I’m going on a trip or holiday etc then I get on my app and do a little haul on shein . Their clothing is so reasonable and I always find what I’m looking for.

shein stripe bardot dress

I wanted this pink stripe dress the minute I saw it on instagram on a models account, I clicked on the tag and it was a €145 on the website so I thought feck that for a flash BUT I went on to she in and found it for €38!!! It’s gorgeous on and the material is lovely. They also have the deconstructed shirts on the there for under €30 and the ruffle top I have on in the pic below which I absolutely LOVE is €16.

Shein stripe off the shoulder blouse

The postage can take awhile but like I said if you know you’ve something on or are going away then order the white prom dress well in advance. Mine usually takes about 2 weeks to come.

two toned prom dress

Anywho I’m babbling now like I’m having a chat on what’s app so I’ll leave you with my wish list below and links to all my items are on the images just click.

P.S you can see on most of the items images of the item on customers who bought it and a review.

Happy Shopping,


L x

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