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Dubrovnik has to be one of the most historical ,beautiful ,authentic places I have ever been. Not even Italy could hold a candle (and I love Italy). I couldn’t believe how ‘untouched’ the place looked.  The buildings and church’s and cathedrals and street cobbles have been there thousands of years and are so well kept. The place is just full of culture and history.


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You can see why they film game of thrones and other movies and series here. Waking around the streets you can imagine exactly what it would have been like way back when.


You walk through a castle (the pile gates) and the grounds are full of church’s and cafes and shops – it’s mad. It’s so modern too with their cuisine and they all take card-even the buses take contactless! Eh and they have uber.

Kings Landing



I came for 6 days and the weather hasn’t been the best but we did get 3 gorgeous days. Even when it was cloudy and windy the temperature was till 24-28 degrees. It is windy as it’s surrounded by sea and at night it can get chilly so I would say bring a cardie or a little wrap. Their summers though are in the high 30’s I’m told.


Food here is really eclectic. A lot of fresh seafood , a lot! Lots of pizza and pasta too actually and surprisingly a great range of vegetarian food . I definitely ate Pizza twice a day most days. Ok every day.

I went to a restaurant called Panorama which is up in the mountains basically and you need to get a cable car up there -the food was nice, nothing special, but the view from the cable car and the sunsets up there are amazing so I would definitely recommend going up there.

I also went to a lovely restaurant called Orsan by JK yacht club which has beautiful views too it’s by the sea and full of yachts and boats and perfect for lunch or an early dinner -I got prawn linguine it was delish!


There are lots of gorgeous restaurants in the old town though, so many to choose from.Have a walk around first before deciding -there are restaurants in every nook and cranny.


I went to this bar in the square of the old town most nights , you go through the pile gates and it’s opposite the church. It was called Klarissa and they had a great live band on every night playing sax and drums and base and sang Sinatra and Johnny Cash and some Jazz -so good!   


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The nicest sunsets I’ve ever seen. I regret not watching them every day so get as many as you can in. They were so orange and huuuge , just stunning. There’s a little hole in the wall bar in the old town called Buza which had amazing views of sunset if you can find it -get there early as it gets packed.


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Missguided -Click for link

Must do’s:

If you’re a game of thrones fan they do lots of tours however the old town is literally Kings Landing and looks like you’ve stepped onto the set so I probably wouldn’t do it but then again I’m not a die hard fan .

Panorama is deffo a must do and get the cable car up -it costs about €16.

Dubrovnik wall walk -you can’t go here and not do this. No way . It takes over an hour but the views are breathtaking and the photos you get up there will be fab! There’s little cafes at the top where you can stop for fresh juice or a cold beer or cocktail too and take in the beautiful view. This walk costs about €18.

view from walls

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Cafe-walk of Dubrovnik

Cafe-walk of Dubrovnik


View from Dubrovnik wall



Old Town-goes without saying you need to go in here . We went in every night , it’s literally built into the castle.They have little traditional drummer boys walking through throughout the night too which is a nice touch and different musical acts on the streets .

Kings Landing

Day trip -We had Montenegro on our list and the island of Lokrum but there were storms the day we had planned to go but It’s a shame not to visit these close by gems when you’re here.

Church’s -so many beautiful church’s and cathedrals where you can go in to watch mass or just light candles. It’s a very catholic country by the looks of things Croatia.

Hotel :

We booked very last minute so lots of places weren’t available and the prices were quite high for average hotels so we went with this hotel – Valamar ,we went for all inclusive too even though we would be eating out but I do love a breakfast buffet! The rooms were very basic but the food was so good and so fresh with a massive variety, I mean so many meats and veg and salads and fresh fish , pasta and fresh pizzas being made in the pizza oven. I couldn’t believe the choice even at breakfast the beans were homemade! The view from this hotel was incredible too, it made me not care about the average rooms. It’s right by copacabana beach you just go down a few steps and you’re there. So while the rooms were so basic the view , pool and food totally made up for it.  The area was Babin Kuk and was about a 40 min walk to old town which we did no bother daytime or a 15 min bus ride.

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Money -the currency in Dubrovnik is Kuna so you’ll need to change money or just use your card like I did. Some places however do accept euro.


I priced a few taxis and they were ridiculous and this company was very reasonable and they cover a lot of countries-  Rideways .They were about €19 for airport pick up. Uber is also cheap for airport transport here.

Bus-We didn’t get a cab once as the buses go every few mins and drop you right to the old town . There was a stop 2 mins from our hotel which was so handy .

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Top tips:

Bring a cardie or wrap for night as it gets windy so a little bit chilly.

Bring surf socks or jelly shoes for the beach as it’s all stony beaches with large rocks. Can be quite uncomfortable walking in and out of the sea.

No need for cabs as buses are so regular ,so have change on you for the bus -15 kuna.

Bring your walking shoes as there are a lot of things to see and it’s quite hilly. Also if you do the walk you’ll need your ol trainers.

Dubrovnik was on my travel list and I would go back again for sure , rent a boat maybe and visit Split and Hvar and Montenegro.

Anything I haven’t answered feel free to Email me and ask


L x

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