3 days in Venice


What a beautiful , beautiful place.

Venice has been on my bucket list for a while now, so when it was Myles birthday I knew I was going to book us a trip here.

The flights from London were so reasonable I thought. I got them for under £100 each return, flying in to Venice with Ryanair and home with British airways.


Airports and getting to and from there:
We flew into Venice Treviso, which Ryanair flies into. It’s not very hard to get to Venice from there but everything here is a tad awkward because of the water so it’s not as smooth sailing as other places. We got a bus from outside into venice and then had to walk about 20 mins into the main part AND THEN had to get across the water which we didn’t moan about..that much. The bus is cheap though and only took about 40 mins.
We flew back from Marco Polo which was a good bit nearer. We walked about 20 mins to the bus station and then got the bus to the airport which took about 20 mins too. Easy Peasy.

As it is all on water the transport is water bus and water taxi. The water bus is very regular and cheaper than the water taxi. We got quoted €60 for a water taxi just to go across the water to our hotel!


St.Mark’s Basilica

I literally went on to filtered my search by 4 and 5 star and the one I really liked was the one I choose –Hilton Molino Stucky. It’s across from the main part on the water but they offer a shuttle water bus which comes every 40 mins and it’s a gorgeous hotel. Rooms came with robes and slippers and we also got an upgrade to the executive lounge where you could get snacks and drinks all day complimentary. Friendly staff, lovely rooms, the view was amazing too from ours. They also have a rooftop bar called Skyline bar which is very popular.


Must Do’s:
Now the good part!! I did a lot of googling before I went ,as always before I go anywhere, and found some great little spots whilst there also.

1.Gondola ride
It’s the ultimate Venice must do isn’t it?! Definitely do this one on your first day because they give you some good tips and little history facts.

2.Lunch at the Grand Canal
Such a cute little spot with gondolas parked up and little restaurants lined along the river . We had lunch at one which was delicious -there were heaters luckily as it’s quite cold there in November. I had to put a bit so himself would let me sit outside.

Lunch on the Grand Canal

3.Tea at Caffe Florian:                                                                                                                                         Afternoon tea here or breakfast is a must! It’s the oldest cafe in Venice and is stunning. Pricey, but worth it for the surroundings. You can feel the history in the walls and I sat there thinking ‘I wonder who was sat here 100 years ago’.

Caffe Florian

4. A bellini at Harry’s Bar:
€20 for a little bellini BUT it is THE birth place of the famous cocktail so a must do I think! Everyone from Hemingway and Capote to Kim Kardashian has visited here. Not much to look at on the inside I will say but the service is lovely.

5.A trip to Verona:
The setting for Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet, it’s only an hours train ride from Venice and if you’re there for a few days then this is a nice little day trip. We actually didn’t get there though as there was a strike the day we went. Was so annoyed as it looks gorgeous.

6.Churchs:                                                                                                                                    St Mark’s Basilica is just stunning . I stared at it for ages in awe every time I passed by. All marble , intricate details of gold. It really is a work of art. You can go inside  too, less queues in the morning. There are actually so many gorgeous churchs here so definitely pop into one or two and light a candle.

We found some cute restaurants and bars down the side streets -deffo worth a wander around before deciding. We also found a little spot called ‘The Devils Forest’ where a wine glass of prosecco(delicious sweet prosecco I might add) was only €2….€2! I did lose a whole day to this devil drinks though.


Some places here are quite expensive but there are lots of reasonable places also. You just need to explore a bit.

Lots of walking to do so bring some comfy shoes! Also if you go in the winter it’s quite cold so wrap up.
All in all it was a great trip and I loved wondering around little streets and eating my body weight in pizza and pasta! One ticked off the bucket list.



L x

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