The Spring Transition

Spring Wear Transition.

Hi guys,

It’s been awhile. I can’t say I’ve had much to blog about in the bad weather. It’s been Netflix and chill the last few weeks!



I have been trying out some fabulous little vegan cafes however in London and we booked a little trip to Rome for April. I’m dying to get to Rome , it looks beautiful and I just love Italy so I’m adding more Italian cities on to my list. Will have that blog post along with images next month for you!

Spring wear is slowly slipping back into my basket and into my wardrobe.

It’s still chilly at the moment though so I’m not throwing out the coats  getting the legs out yet. Yet. I’m introducing the spring wear slowly gradually with lighter knits and sweaters in brighter colours.

Primark actually have some gorgeous bits. Always so impressed how they produce such fab stuff at such low costs, always on trend too. I picked up the red beret, pink slogan jumper and the chartreuse knit all in primark/penneys.


I’m obsessed with these red boots. I want to wear them with everything, you’ll see those on me a lot this spring.





Links are on the images as always(not primark items unfortunately). Similar beret above with link. There are lots more fabulous items on my shop page also HERE.


Happy Shopping,



L x

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