Laser Tattoo Removal : Tattoo regrets

I’m not sure if I know anyone my age who doesn’t regret a tattoo they have. Thank god for tattoo removal is all I can say. I was too young and stubborn to really think about how branding my body for life.

I’ve got two tattoos. One on my lower back ( yes the dreaded tramp stamp) that I got when I was 16 and one on the back of my neck that I got in Thailand when I was 21. I regret both but the tramp stamp for sure is the one I need rid of the most.

I’ve had one session on my lower back about 2 years ago but now I’m going to book in for a course and get the whole thing removed at last.

Pulse light clinic  in central London,  who I’ve been to before for laser hair removal , are only one of two clinics in the UK using the PicoSure and PicoWay lasers. Their lasers are suitable for all skin types also.

They do discounted tattoo removal packages which you can see HERE


Before and After images


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